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PBR is a promising award-winning program to teach law to youth to develop their sense of civic responsibility and provide them with the tools they need to prevent crime, save lives and build safer communities. Developed in 2001 in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Education, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Alabama Department of Youth Services, this innovative program is periodically updated and consists of a color-illustrated student book and a teacher guide.


The present program is based on a 76-page question and answer, illustrated book and teacher guide that address more than 200 laws. The book and teacher guide are periodically updated and distributed to seventh graders and their teachers. The student handbook is designed for use by middle school students in public, private, and home schools, by incarcerated youth in the juvenile justice system, and by youth in community settings such as scouting or church youth groups. The content is balanced and focuses on the law as it is actually written and enforced, and the curriculum in the teacher’s guide provides multiple opportunities to teach both rights and responsibilities.


Young people are introduced to this program by teachers and community resource persons, attorneys, law enforcement officers, judges, trained parent volunteers, and other knowledgeable community leaders. Law-related education emphasizes the need to build stronger relationships between youth and law enforcement. This program is designed to do just that by recommending a resource person for each lesson.

What is PBR?

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