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Project Citizen is an interdisciplinary curricular program for middle, secondary, and post-secondary students, youth organizations, and adult groups that promotes competent and responsible participation in local and state government. The program helps participants learn how to monitor and influence public policy. In the process, they develop support for democratic values and principles, tolerance, and feelings of political efficacy.

The goals of the program are to develop in students active citizenship and governance by:

Developing an Understanding of the Importance of Citizen Participation

Providing the Necessary Knowledge and Skills for Effective Citizenship for all

Providing Practical Experience Designed to Foster a Sense of Competence and Efficacy

The Project Citizen curriculum provides a practical, first-hand approach to learning about our complex system of government and how to monitor and influence it. Students will work together to conduct research in their community to discover problems that they think their governments are not handling at all or not handling well. 


Through this curriculum students will:

Learn how to monitor and influence policy

Learn the policy making process

Develop Concrete Skills, Effective and Creative Communication Skills, and the Confidence Necessary to Exercise their Rights and Responsibilities

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