Unit 2

What were the Articles of Confederation? - Khan Academy - 5:20

Broad explanation of Articles of Confederation as a product of the American revolution. How did the Articles of Confederation work? What were some of its pitfalls and advantages? How did early state governments work under the Articles? How did the Articles of Confederation influence/cause the Constitutional convention?


MS: 11, 10, 9

HS: 8, 9, 


The Articles of Confederation - Khan Academy - 5:13

Explanation of the accomplishments and problems of the Articles of Confederation. What were the Articles of Confederation? How were they created and structured? What were the pros and cons of the Articles? Why were they ultimately abandoned in favor of a new constitution?


MSL 11 10, 9

HS: 8, 9


The Articles of Confederation - Ratification - Extra History - #2 - 7:48

Explanation of the historical creation of the Articles of Confederation in the context of the American revolution and the conflicts between states during the ratification. How did the Articles of Confederation help/hinder the American Revolutionary War? How were the Articles eventually passed? How did experiences during the American revolution influence opinions on the Articles?


MS: 11, 9

HS: 8, 9, 11, 6, 5


The Constitutional Convention: A Country Through Compromise - 6:33

An explanation of various plans and compromises at the Constitutional Convention. What were the competing plans for the new Constitution? How was a compromise eventually reached? What were the important issues at the Constitutional Convention?


HS: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

MS: 12, 13, 14


The Making of the American Constitution - Judy Walton - 3:57

A brief overview of the historical circumstances of the Constitutional Convention and how it was conducted. What was the original point of the Philadelphia Convention? What role did secrecy play during the Convention?


HS: 9

MS: 12


School House Rock - The Constitution - 3:00

The preamble of the Constitution, set to music.


HS: 9, 33, 34

MS: 12


Anti-Federalists and Brutus No. 1 | US government and civics | Khan Academy - 9:02

An in-depth overview of a few paragraphs of Brutus No. 1. What were some of the central concerns about creating a strong federal government shared by the Anti-federalists? How did Anti-federalists view the proposed Constitution?


HS: 11, 13, 14, 12

MS: 18


What were the key elements of the Anti-Federalists' opposition? L13S2 - 9:01

An explanation of the Anti-Federalists views and their arguments against the Constitution.



HS: 13


What were the central arguments of the Federalists? L14S3 - 6:06

An explanation of the Federalists views and their arguments for the Constitution.





Brutus v. Publius: The Fight Over the Judiciary - The Federalist Society - 12:04

A focused discussion on the concerns of the judiciary branch outlined by the Constitution, and how federalists and Anti-federalists differed. Why did the Anti-federalists take issue with the new judiciary branch? What did the Federalists say in response? How did the fight over the judiciary branch reflect more fundamental disagreements between the federalists and the Anti Federalists?


HS: 13, 14, 11, 15, 25

MS: 18, 16


Exploring Federalist 51: Separation of Powers - The Federalist Society - 3:10

A brief explanation of the Separation of Powers as outlined by the Constitution and argued by James Madison in Federalist 51. What is the purpose of the Separation of Powers? How does the Constitution create the Separation of Powers?


HS: 11, 13, 14

MS: 16, 15, 12, 18